Quality Control

The performance of KRI brakes is determined by the interaction of many raw materials, which we developed the formula and technological process in Waterloo, Ontario Canada, our corporate headquarter. Our manufacturing processes include computerized raw material mixing, OEM standard positive molding process, post curing and heat treatment. This manufacturing processes and our daily quality control procedures ensure a continuation of the high quality braking performance you would experience with KRI brakes.

Kang Rich’s daily quality control in the manufacturing process starts from raw material through manufacturing, that is both individually dedicated and systematically monitored. Our quality control program is integral to the process, as well as through our sales and merchandise chain. During manufacturing process, we conduct numerous testing, along with reports and verifications to raw material and finished products. Furthermore, every station requires a visual inspection after process, and everyone is empowered and encouraged to scrutinize both process and product to maintain the highest degree of product integrity and streamline production processes.

Kang Rich listens to all our customers. We care about what our customers think and how they feel about KRI products. We conduct review on both regional sales and customer feedbacks, in order to continuously improve our product design and manufacturing process.
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